Book Review: The Oldest Trick by Auston Habershaw (Four Stars)

Book Review: The Oldest Trick (Saga of the Redeemed #1) by Auston Habershaw

Four Stars

“I always have a plan. It just so happens in this instance, it’s not a good plan and subject to change as we go along. Follow me.”

A welcome addition to the fantasy universe. Wise-cracking, know-it-all smugglers have been done, but Habershaw does Tyvian with his tongue so far into his cheek that it must hurt. Good job.

“He may run out of simplistic ethical aphorisms any moment.”

Engaging, multi-thread fantasy adventure set in a typical pseudo-medieval, magic-using universe. It’s the writing and the humor which keep the reader engaged.

“One did not channel the energy of creation without risk.”

Hard to believe this was originally published as two stories. Wouldn’t have worked as well.

“If this is the afterlife, I’m sorely disappointed.”

Extra points for ending the first of the series with a satisfying, self-contained conclusion.

“Rings don’t control people, not even magic ones. Everybody knows that.”