Book Review: Choices of One by Timothy Zahn (Four Stars)

Book Review: Choices of One by Timothy Zahn

Four Stars (relative to Star Wars books)

“The Choices of One shape the futures of all.”

Zahn manages to insert a fully-developed tale into the stream of the Star Wars canon, in this case just after A New Hope, which advances the characters (some of whom are Expanded Universe, not canon) without doing serious damage to the whole.

“We all strive to build empires … we hope will survive us.”

As usual with Zahn books there’s entirely too much cooperation and fraternization between Empire and Rebel Alliance, but as usual it’s for a good cause.

“He’s never seen the Dark Lord this close … this angry.”

Manages half a dozen plot threads to keep the reader engaged. Still, pop corn for the brain. (see below)

“Information always matters.”

The joke’s on me: I didn’t realize I read this book six years ago until I checked my database. (I’ve read six hundred books since then.) Even knowing that, it was like reading a new story. One of the few advantages (?) of age.

“Sometimes it was good to be a law unto yourself.”