Crabby Mike’s Calabash Seafood

01crabbyCrabby Mike’s Calabash Seafood in Surfside Beach, SC

Omigoodness. One of the best seafood buffets I’ve eaten at … ever.

The price varies (presumably with season and availability), but less than $30 for all the really good seafood you can eat is a bargain. Remember, you’re at the beach everything costs double from home, unless home is New York City.

Tip #1. Check with your local lodging. They may have discount coupons. A couple bucks off a piece adds up if you are with a crowd. Or check Crabby Mike’s website for discount coupons.

Tip #2. Don’t eat that day … at all. Come before 5 PM if you can, but you won’t beat the rush. Parking can be a trick. Expect to wait. Folks know this is THE place for seafood. It’s big, and the tables turn quickly. There’re hula-hoops outside to play with if you get tired of communing on social media. Or you could talk to the nice people also waiting. We sat next to locals who come despite the hordes of tourists.

Tip #3. Decide whether you’re here for a balanced meal or for seafood. Assuming it’s the latter, go straight for crab legs. (If you’ve never tried crab legs, see Tip #5) Don’t touch the hush puppies put on your table. Sample, if you must, all the varieties of chowder, bisque and soup, but don’t get a full bowl. Forget the salads. Don’t try the fresh-carved beef or ham or turkey or steak. Leave the potatoes alone. Forget the desserts, though that’s a tough one. Go for the seafood.

Tip #4. The freshest seafood, aside from the constantly replenished piles of crab legs, is along the back wall. There’re shrimp, oysters, scallops, flounder, catfish, clams, crab cakes, salmon, tilapia, stuffed crab plus all sorts of distractors. (Yes, there’s pizza, mac’n’cheese and an ice cream machine for the children.)

Tip #5. If you’ve never eaten crab legs, this is the perfect time and place. The staff has the tools and training to instruct you. Rich practice environment.

Focus on the seafood. That’s what you came for. Yes, a lot of it is fried, but steamed and baked choices abound.

Today, you’re on a seafood diet: you see seafood; you eat it.


3 thoughts on “Crabby Mike’s Calabash Seafood

  1. I chucked through this review. I’m guessing you really like this place – Ha. The name gets your attention and you realize he’s not irritable, he’s drowning in crabs, lobsters etc. Thanks. I’ll go there next time down that way.

    • Yes, I’ve chucked through a few of my reviews, too. Herked, even. 😉

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