Book Review: The Miracle Man by Buck Storm (Four Stars)

Book Review: The Miracle Man by Buck Storm

Four Stars

“Reality doesn’t always serve up what you want. But it always has a purpose.”

A well-conceived, well-developed tale of faith and perception set in the golden years shortly after World War Two. Storm creates a subtle sense of time and place throughout his story. A world without computers, cell phones, cable and internet suggests a slow pace which turns out to be as illusive for them as for us with all our labor-saving gadgets.

“Confusion put an arm around Luke’s shoulder.”

The characters are complex and real … mostly. We share the point of view of several characters will no doubt whose head we’re in and an adequate sense of certainty and confusion as appropriate. The varied cast avoids obvious stereotypes while providing realistic depth to most characters.

“Is the right way to do things always the right thing to do?”

Despite the best efforts of the good guys, things just keep getting worse. Their opposition seems a step ahead of them at every turn. You’d think they’d quit underestimating their opponents. The climax, while not predictable, was just a bit too easy.

“…picking at a big hive with a short stick.”

Quibbles: World War Two letters from combat zones would have locations and future battle plans censored out. Few bodies were returned from the Philippines to the United Sates for interment. No, World War Two wasn’t “over for all intents and purposes” with the liberation of the Philippines, and it would be naïve to think mustering out “just a formality”, and, yes, the Department of War, then Defense, would have cared.

“A body can learn more with his mouth closed than with it open.”

Overtly Christian, this tale will still engage and even entertain a variety of readers. Suitable for young adult readers.

“Truth always has a way of finding the surface.”