Movie Review: Miracles from Heaven (Four Stars)

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Movie Review: Miracles from Heaven, directed by Patricia Riggen

Four Stars

The best faith-based movie this year. Kylie Rogers, who played the eight-year-old lead, was amazing. (I wouldn’t allow a tube run into my nose–not even for a movie. Eww.) Jennifer Garner may be a big-name actress, but this is the first time I’ve seen here perform. She’s good. Made you feel her pain.

Yes, this is preaching to the choir, complete with new-found friend of color and “church ladies.” (You know who you are.) Is that a problem?

But the crisis depicted was very real; shattering. (If you want to see something more main-stream, try Risen.) The outcome was … well, a miracle. (A well-documented “spontaneous remission” of an fatal, incurable disease.)

Good show.