Book Review: Star Wars: Tarkin by James Luceno (Four stars)

Book Review: Star Wars: Tarkin (Star Wars canon) by James Luceno

Four stars

“It’ll look better with blood on it.”

Unexpectedly good. Raises the admittedly-low bar for Star Wars literature.

“Sometimes there is more to be gained by stepping into a trap than by avoiding it.”

Expands the person of Willhuff Tarkin from the cardboard marinette briefly appearing in Episode Four to a living being: a man with a history and a goal. A partner—if not quite and equal one—with the Emperor and Darth Vader. A true believer that “in the absence of order, there is only chaos.”

“The insidious pursuit of self-enrichment grew only more pervasive through the long centuries, and in the end left the body politic feckless and corrupt.”

Examines the motives of the galactic empire from the inside. Some adherents were not motivated by wealth or power, but by a very different image of the greater good.

“Everyone is expendable.”

Cover Art: Peter Cushing never looked more menacing. Wonder if his estate gets credit for his appearance.

“Discipline and order were the keys, and law was the only unanswerable response to chaos.”