Movie Review: The Young Messiah by Cyrus Nowrasteh (Three Stars)

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Movie Review: The Young Messiah by Cyrus Nowrasteh

Three Stars

“Our film seeks to present a realistic portrait of Jesus as a child both grounded in faith and consistent with the adult Jesus revealed in the Bible.” Cyrus Nowrasteh, writer and director

Pleasantly surprised. Sure it was pretty much pure fiction (based on the novel Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt by Anne Rice), but respectful of the religious and historical context. An enjoyable, thought-provoking essay of the eighth year of Jesus’ life. Theologians will argue over the interpretation of Jesus’ awareness of and use of his power … and do.

Sean Bean was the only actor I recognized, appropriately menacing as a Roman centurion seeking the young messiah. Adam Greaves-Neal was well cast as Jesus. Sara Lazzaro, David Bradley and Lee Boardman nailed their roles.

Quibbles: The English accents kept knocking me out of the mood, but American accents would have been just as jarring to Brits. The sets and costumes established the mood without being silly, except for the ubiquitous Romans in leather armor gaff (and ignoring the stirrups). Location shots in Italy approximated the ancient Galilee.

Good entertainment.