What the Candidates (and Media) are Missing

Have you noticed that none of the candidates have any defense experience? Only one has foreign policy experience, and we’re still arguing about that.

Several have talked about how they “will “do” this or that with no indication whether they understand the constitutional and legal ramifications of their pronouncements. At least one—no, two candidates don’t care.

Speaking of government procurement, throwing money (even if you have it) at problems seldom solves anything and will certainly balloon the deficit and debt (another thing no one talks about). And the last people you want to give a blank check to the Pentagon. All those folks know how to do (other than win wars) is turf battles and gold-plated requirements. Seen the price tag of the new destroyers or the F-35 fighter? (I know, Congress shares that blame.)

Government acquisition is governed by a bookcase of regulations, not to mention pork barrel politics, political correctness and social engineering from both sides of the aisle. Those $400 hammers are a direct result of the arcane regulations which require more lawyers and accountants than buyers, by both the buyer and the seller.

Do any of the candidates understand that? Unlikely. They think they’ll hire folks to run the departments, and they’ll play golf. But who will they hire? In the case of the senators and the—ahem—entrepreneur, we have no clue. In the case of the governors, we can assume they’ll depend on the type of people they populated their state-level administrations with.

But for some reason, this never comes up in the debates or the opinion pieces. Why not?