Book Review: Faith that Prevails by Smith Wigglesworth (Four Stars)

Book Review: Faith that Prevails by Smith Wigglesworth

Four Stars

“God has something better for you than you ever had in the past.”

Excellent series of seven sermons on baptism of the Holy Spirit, among other things. Based solely on scripture and anecdotal examples. Wigglesworth (1859 – 1947) was an American Pentecostal. In his day as today Pentecostalism was a minority view within Christians. Wigglesworth believed in the sole authority of the Bible, the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit, faith healing and glossolalia (speaking in tongues) all of which are reflected in this work.

“When someone received the gift of the Holy Ghost, there will assuredly be no difference between his experience today and that which was given on the Day of Pentecost.”

Though this book was “first published” in 1966, Wigglesworth died in 1947. It serves as an excellent study in the essentials of Pentecostal Christianity.

“There are two sides to this Baptism: the first is that you possess the Spirit; the second is that the Spirit possesses you.”

One thing I really appreciated. The book is only 64 pages long because that’s how much material he had to publish. Modern authors would have stretched it to twice that (presumably to justify a higher price) with blank pages, side bars, and repetition. This is a more honest approach.

“Are you hungry? God promises you shall be filled.”