Book Review: A Passage of Stars by Kate Elliott (Two Stars)

Book Review: A Passage of Stars (Highroad Trilogy #1) by Kate Elliott

Two Stars

“Set patterns never work. You have to make it up as you go along.”

This is another of those first-volume-is-merely-the-setup books. Sigh. It’s a nice set up, but the reader is left hanging. Episodic.

“Waiting takes the most discipline.”

Interesting characters, though several are so stereotypical as to seem like caricatures. Many decisions and branches of the plot seem forced, that is, the characters seem to be propelled by no logic other than advancing the plot. The people in the story shouldn’t act as if they know it’s a story; they should think and act as if it’s life.

“He ain’t like the other ‘bots. He be smart. Real smart, not fake smart.”

Another story where the robot or android or alien is the most fascinating character. Assuming Bach turns out to be the key to the story, not just a MacGuffin, he is developed slowly and enigmatically. His “singing” bits of seventeenth century music adds to his peculiarity.

“I judge injustice, not humanity.”

Lots of de rigueur Occupy Wall Street, baby Bolshevik philosophy and pompous rich entitlement bashing. Science fiction serves as a bully pulpit for many a preacher. Elliott is smart enough to keep the preaching at arm’s length, but it’s still tedious.

“Never be sorry for love. That is what sustains us.”