Book Review: Washington’s Spies by Alexander Rose (Three Stars)

Book Review: Washington’s Spies: The Story of America’s First Spy Ring by Alexander Rose

Three Stars

“The event we leave to heaven.”

A competent history of espionage during the American Revolutionary War. Not to be confused with the romanticized fiction of the television series TURN, purportedly based on it. (See below) Well research and well-written. Explores the motives, means and outcomes for the spies and spy masters on both sides. In 1776, following a series of victories in August and September, the British commanded New York City and Long Island and were chasing the defeated colonial army toward Philadelphia. Then came Christmas and the miracle at Trenton. But Washington had only survived to fight another day. To engage a larger, better equipped, more professional army, Washington needed to cheat. He did.

“Everything in the matter depends on intelligence of the enemy’s motions.” G. Washington

This book unearths the facts about those people who put themselves at great risk, starting with the martyred Nathan Hale, to provide Continue reading