Book Review: The Wiregrass by Pam Webber (Five Stars)

Book Review: The Wiregrass by Pam Webber

Five Stars

“The innocence of childhood is not lost; it’s taken, and evil is not born; it’s bred.”

This novel blew me away. This is why we should ration five star ratings: so when we give them they mean something. I read the whole thing in one day. It starts slow and mundane enough that the acceleration is barely noticeable until the trees are flying by your window.

“Our folks were behavers … at least when folks were looking.”

The setting is lower Alabama’s wiregrass country in 1968. Webber captures the mood of the times through the mind of a fourteen-year-old just about perfectly. I grew up in Louisiana, rural Kansas and Virginia during the 60s, and lived in the wiregrass region in the 70s. She nails it. Both the details and the ambiance of small town life. The petty and the profound.

“Most folks knew right from wrong; it was just that wrong sounded better at the time.”

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