Book Review: Steles of the Sky by Elizabeth Bear (Four Stars)

Book Review: Steles of the Sky (Eternal Sky #3) by Elizabeth Bear

Four Stars out of Five

“You can only influence the moment.”

Wizards, dragons and poets—not to mention ghuls, demonlings, blood ghosts and horses. What’s not to like in this rousing conclusion to Elizabeth’s Bear’s Eternal Sky trilogy?

“Just keep walking.”

Quite a bit. But for her smashing climax, the rest of the book merits three stars … at best. It suffers a terrible case of sideways: lots of talking, lots of maneuvering, but little development of the story. Fans of Bear, and no one should start reading any series with the last book, will enjoy her writing. Her overuse of “that” becomes intrusive. Lots of Robert Jordan influence; that’s not a complement.

“From a woman’s strength came we all.”

For those who decry the dearth of female heroic characters, Eternal Sky is full of them. In fact, though the central conflict involves men, all the really interesting and significant characters are female.

“Comforting thoughts should be questioned no less Continue reading