Movie Re-review: The Force Awakens, Star Wars, Episode VII Four Stars

(Warning: spoilers abound)

Movie Re-review: The Force Awakens, Star Wars, Episode VII

Four Stars out of Five.

My first impression report is here. On second thought:

My son took his friend’s son to Episode Seven, then subjected him (and us) to a marathon viewing of all six previous episodes over two days. Seeing the movies in such close proximity heightens the contrast between the first six and the new one. For one thing, the first, especially Episodes Four through Six (We’ll have that convoluted timeline forever; thank you, George Lucas), have a cleaner, simpler quality. More straightforward space opera and hero’s adventure.

Episode Seven is gritty. Jakku is as dry as Tatooine, but dustier and filled with space ship—military space ship—wreckage. Takodana is humid with clouds and spray from vessels flying close to the surface. The Imperial craft are as OCD clean as ever, but all the resistance and non-affiliated vessels show wear, and kluged modifications and age.

The first six had a childlike simplicity missing from VII. The Force Awakens is darker, more violent. Balancing that is the greater acting ability of the new leads. Let’s be honest: Hamil was not much in Episode Four, and Fisher never learned to act. Daisy Ridley and John Bayega show potential. Adam Driver needs to abandon Christian Hayden as his role model.

None of them are particularly logical. When you step into the Galaxy Far, Far Away, check your credulity at the door. You have to be very willing to suspend your disbelief.

It felt a lot like one of the better (there are lots of bad ones) modern re-telling of classic movies. In fact, many folks noted the similarity between the plot lines of Episodes IV and VII. They even resurrected Yoda … sort of.

So? Let go. Enjoy.

Let the Force be with You.