Memories, New and Old

13reinforcementsAt 69, my short-term memory is … short. Don’t ask me where my glasses or keys are.

Older stuff? Much better.

Treva needed some of those little cloth “o’s” with which we used to reinforce punched holes.

I not only had some but knew where they were. We found them and used them. The little match box (do you know what that is?) of 100 was more than half full.

Their proper name is “gummed reinforcements.” I noticed the box gave the manufacturer’s address as “Framingham, Mass., U.S.A.” No zip code.

How old do you suppose that box is? And how long do you suppose it has been sitting in that very desk drawer? (Of a hundred-year-old English oak double-pedestal desk we bought in Oxford shire in the 1980s, I might add.)

Thanks for the memories.


2 thoughts on “Memories, New and Old

  1. I suspect I have archaic things like the gummed reinforcers. I have little round white dots in my box of writing supplies. I think they were used to identify things…what things, maybe to stick on files? I don’t remember.
    Regarding memories, I’ve been reading about sleep deprivation and how it’s bad for the memory. National Institute of Health and Nature Neuroscience have articles on current research. I read all I can find on it. Memory is important!

  2. And a hand hole puncher to go with the reinforcements.

    And White-Out. I have a bottle, but am reticent to open it. Probably solid.

    And a “samurai sword” letter opener made in Japan (stamped into the blade) I bought in Hawaii in the 1960s.

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