Why Don’t We Trust Our Government?

The Wall Street Journal reports, “President Obama set as one of his political goals the restoration of trust in government, so seven years later how’s that working out? Not good. Not even bad. We’re talking historically awful.” (citing a Pew Research survey) “Only 19% of Americans say they trust the government to do what is right “just about always” (16%) or “most of the time” (3%).”

This is the inevitable result of all the self-criticism and finger pointing for the last fifty years.

We as a people have done some amazing things during that time, but all we’ve heard is how screwed up everything is and how the world is about to explode, implode or burn up.

Are you surprised–Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN and FoxNews–that people read or heard you and believed?

It’s not just Clinton, Bush, Obama or Trump; look in the mirror.