Book Review: The White Death by Daniel Rafferty (Two Stars)

Book Review: The White Death by Daniel Rafferty

Two Stars out of Five

Writing a science fiction story set 25 years in the future is difficult. Think back to 1990. What didn’t we have then that today are necessary even vital parts of life: cell phones, GPS, social media, embedded intelligence in devices? Image what life will be like in 25 years. No, I can’t either.

I lost my page of quibbles, which is just as well. I’ve previously decried books researched on Wikipedia; too bad this one wasn’t. Many obvious physical, political, military gaffes. Vastly overestimated the ability of military means to not decimate but totally destroy large regions of the earth. Interestingly, the blurb emphasizes the role of the American president while he is a peripheral character in the drama. Needed an editor, too.

He did manage to keep the tone politically neutral.

So, how does he merit even two stars? Because the plot is great. The story—not the story telling—propels the reader forward. When he learns how to research and write, Rafferty will be great.