Comcast Sublets Your Broadband

Comcast recently announced Xfinity WiFi, which basically lets others use your broadband connection free. (That is, they pay Comcast, not you.) You get reduced performance; Comcast enhances its profits.

They neither asked us nor gave us a way to opt out.

Good deal … for them.

This is why Americans hate big business.


3 thoughts on “Comcast Sublets Your Broadband

  1. Disgusting and depressing. Wonder if that’s why at around 4-5pm sometimes I can’t use email. Email words jump around, or freeze up. I’ve figured out shutting down my computer for a few seconds works. When I turn it back on, everything’s fine. Thanks for the information, don’t know what I can do about it, but thanks anyway.

    • Potentially. Even without your phantom WiFi node your broadband slows down when everyone else in your neighborhood gets home from school, work, etc., and opens Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and other heavy data flow sites.

  2. They “Trojan horsed” the new hot spot-capable modem by foisting it on us as a “free” upgrade. But my download numbers are lower than before. Used to get 20 to 30 Mbps, now it’s 15 to 18.

    Guess we know where the missing bandwidth went.

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