Living in the Spirit Available … Again

living coverLiving in the Spirit, my study of Paul’s letter to the Romans, went out of production when Cross Books stopped publishing this April.

Fortunately, WestBow Press, an division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan, has picked it up.

I took advantage of the opportunity and made almost a hundred changes in the text, mostly very minor.

The new ISBN is 978-1-4908-9223-8.

Ebook’s ISBN is 978-1-4908-9224-8.


5 thoughts on “Living in the Spirit Available … Again

  1. Great, hope you have good sales. Does your book have its own facebook page? A free way to advertise. Not hard to set up.

  2. Don’t look for them on yet. It only displays the out-of-print editions, and I can’t figure out hoe to fix it. (And, unless you’re Amazon, is a do-it-yourself site.)

    • Contact their support. They will not remove the out of print editions, but I think they can combine the pages so when people are searching for it they’ll find the new one.

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