For the Love of Software

Bought a 4 Terabyte external hard drive to back up everything before upgrading our computer to Windows 10. Of course, when I installed its software, it locked up my computer. Several iterations of installing and restarting and a call to the company didn’t suffice, so the tech support lady “scheduled” a Level Two (Oooo) technician to fix my installation.

Spent an hour and a quarter with the Level Two guy; he couldn’t fix it either. Finally he loaded their older backup program from their website. It lacks the newer software’s whistles and bells, but it loaded. But … it didn’t work, and he was already gone. Color me frustrated. (Would that be black and blue?)

When I checked later, it had backed up everything, I think/hope. (Don’t ask.) Since Windows 8.1 does not do “image” backups anymore (Thank you, Microsoft, for dumbing down your software.), I went to the DOS prompt to instruct it.

Now I’m ready to upgrade to Windows 10. Wait? Didn’t I just say … Yeah, what’s your point? You want I should go to Apple? If Microsoft is run by cold-hearted zombies, Apple is a bunch of quasi-religious fanatics. There is Linux, but not for people like me.

And the beat goes on.


2 thoughts on “For the Love of Software

  1. I know a couple folks who downloaded Windows 10 and things went haywire. My guy is good with these things. If you want a pro let me know. He told me not to install Windows 10. So sorry all of this is happening to you. Tech stuff is a time suck, full of frustration..

    • Yes, I have heard both horror stories and paeans of praise.

      Those who extol the “Internet of things” don’t realize what’s coming. Superficially it’ll be good, but it has a dark underbelly.

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