Book Review: Rumors of Glory by Dietmar Wehr (Three Stars)

Book Review: Rumors of Glory (The System States Rebellion Book 1) by Dietmar Wehr

Three Stars out of Five

Competent space opera. The opening round of an extended series (Wehr’s Synchronicity series ran to four volumes), this tale sets up the future conflict between am Earth-led Federation of planets and a breakaway group of planets, along the lines of America exiting the British Empire in the eighteenth century, all made possible by the discovery of faster-than-light drives late in the 21st century.

Wehr is a prolific author, but his writing begs for polishing. After reading the opening sentence of Chapter One, “It was just after dawn by the time …”, I almost closed the book. The storytelling is good, if rough. Wehr details the logic of each side’s position and allows the story to build, without taking sides.

Quibble: a 900-meter diameter troop carrier couldn’t possible hold 100,000 combatants plus 2000 vehicle (including tanks) and two months ammo and supplies, especially as those 100,000 bodies (plus the ship’s crew) must be fed, bedded, and exercised during the several months to get anywhere. (No hint of deep sleep options.)

Cover art quibble: all the vessels in the story are reported to be spherical, yet the cover art vehicles are quite angular.

Popcorn for the brain. A fast read; almost 200 pages. A good read.