Movie Review: Mr. Turner (Four Stars) Captures the Man Capturing Nature

Movie Review: Mr. Turner

Four Stars out of Five

A moving investigation of the late life and works of the real “painter of light.” I’m sorry I missed this one in theaters. The outdoor scenes capture the wonder J. M. W. Turner apparently felt for light, water and landscapes. Though the public (and royals) didn’t accept his work during his lifetime, his work opened the door to the Impressionists.

But the movie, like the man, was much more than his paintings. This film explores his human relationships—especially with his dying father, his several lovers and with other artists—and his struggle to capture the wonder he saw in nature. The viewer feels immersed in the life and work of the artist. Neither happy nor reverential, but neither was Turner.

Timothy Spall is amazing. He has only one expression, like Elijah Woods in The Lord of the Rings, but he does it very well.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Mr. Turner (Four Stars) Captures the Man Capturing Nature

  1. I loved this movie, one of my all-time favorites. I’m glad you saw it. He was quirky, dedicated and single-minded. What about that scene where he was strapped to the mast to watch the storm? And scenes among other artists showing their work? I could go on and on. .

  2. It went a long way to making a complex, brilliant, but private man more real.

    I really liked the outdoor, panoramic scenes.

    I thought it interesting that the artists continued to work on their paintings after they were hung for the show.

    It also demonstrated the impact of know-nothing celebrities (in that case Victoria and Albert) for leading popular opinion. That was well done.

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