2016 GOP Debate, Game One

Trump struck out. His anger and bombast don’t recommend him, even if he weren’t an ignoramus. Trump is a Trumpite, not a Republican or Democrat. He appeals to the same demographic as Hitler. Simple solutions for tough problems; rhetoric over responsibility.

The media tells us Ohio Governor Kasich hit a homer; he didn’t. He performed well (as did Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee), but Mark Rubio and Ted Cruz did better. Ben Carson and Rand Paul stumbled. They never were contenders. (Too bad; both are good people in their own way.) Chris Christie’s not in the game either. Bush? Was Jeb Bush there? He acted like this was batting practice.

The media says Carly Fiona won the minor league contest; what do they know? Maybe she’ll be called up to the majors next time.

FoxNews hosted it better than the only debate I watched in 2012: a softball game by moderated by NPR. You have to stand up to morons like Trump.

Presidents must communicate, but debating skill is largely irrelevant to leading. Debates dumb down the electoral process, which I guess is exactly the point.

November 2016 is a long way away.


One thought on “2016 GOP Debate, Game One

  1. Thanks, Ron. I watched clips of the debate. It seems the moderator did a good job. She hit Trump hard, but he’s so bombastic that he dodged and muddled through. A friend said it was possible that he’d grow bored with all this political stuff and drop out. You’re right, debating skill isn’t the main thing a Pres. needs, yet it’s a good way to show how candidates treat each other and how they perform under pressure. And those personal and interpersonal skills are important to the president’s job.

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