PEGGY NOONAN: Don’t Mourn Atticus Finch

PEGGY NOONAN: Don’t Mourn Atticus Finch.

I haven’t yet read “Go Set a Watchman” but found this column thought provoking. I briefly lived in the South in the 50s and again in the 60s. There were many people for whom none of the stereotypes work.

I tend to mistrust the simple as over-simplified.

Yes, it’s probably too bad greed trumped good sense in publishing this book. Welcome to modern America.


2 thoughts on “PEGGY NOONAN: Don’t Mourn Atticus Finch

  1. I’ve heard from a couple readers, that this book is much better than the first one. I thought Mockingbird the book was always overrated. The movie was more powerful.

  2. Apparently many mourn Atticus being less “pure” in Watchman than in Mockingbird. Perhaps he’s more human; we want our heroes godlike … maybe because we aren’t.

    There’s reason the publisher sent it back, and Lee was content to not revise it then nor publish it since.

    As I said, greed is an amazing thing.

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