Book Review: Prador Moon by Neal Asher (Three stars)

Book Review: Prador Moon (Polity Universe #1) by Neal Asher

Three stars out of Five

This is space opera.

Well-conceived, fast-paced, galactic war. Men and women off the street rise to the challenge of first contact with an alien species who will devour us—literally and figuratively. The science is plausible, which is not a given in modern SF. The writing is up to the challenge. And minimal typos.

The cast is large and diffused enough (as the narrative jumps to their points of view) to get the reader fully engaged but keep the energy up.

Interesting subplot about human society being run by hopefully-benevolent Artificial Intelligences. Not everyone buys in.

Satisfying conclusion to the first in a series. A healthy chunk of the next book is included to set the hook.