2 thoughts on “A Father’s Confession

  1. I think men receive more motivation and support to be fathers these days, than in generations past. In my neighborhood, I watch fathers pushing strollers down to the park 2 blocks away. I see fathers sitting in parks, I watch them talking with their kids about what to buy, each time I go shopping. Every time I pick up my grandson from school as many Dads are there, as Moms. They hold their kids’ hands and talk to them on the way to their car. Kids run to their Dads and Dads look happy to see their children.

    My daughter’s generation has been raised with different values, some of the values came from me and some from the surroundings.

    Not saying it’s perfect. Many men still almost ignore their kids in favor of their careers. And later in life they pay a price. The price is regret. But I don’t see your gloomy picture either.

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