Book Review: This Hollow Union by John Scalzi (Three Stars)

Book Review: This Hollow Union by John Scalzi

Three Stars out of Five

Even the masters miss occasionally. This second installment of Scalzi’s larger work, The End of All Things, advances the story but little else. A lot of “as your know, Bob” conversations intersperse with precious little activity. Good story telling, just not much story.

Scalzi obliquely deals with the same issue as the last book I reviewed, Uprooted, that being dealing with uncertainty in making decisions. Large or small, many of life’s decisions are usually bounded by unreliable data. In this case both the data and the sources are not to be trusted. Given the varying motives of the varying actors, it’s a wonder otherwise intelligent species aren’t at war with each other (and among themselves) all the time.

What’s a leader to do? If I told you, you wouldn’t need to read the book.