American Jitney?

Amazon and Uber are copying the pizza delivery model of deliveries. Works for them, but what about the deliverers?

These impromptu jitneys endanger their vehicles (if they read their insurance policies, they’ll note commercial use is not covered), burning their gas and tires, to earn less than minimum wage with no benefits. Not to mention all the known hazards of pizza delivery. (Presumably FedEx and UPS pay these costs for their drivers, that’s why Amazon and Uber seek to bypass them.)

Will customers be shaken down for tips on these jitney deliveries?

What a rip off. American business has discovered a new way to impoverish the folks who work for them.

Yet hundreds will jump at the chance and think it’s a good deal.


2 thoughts on “American Jitney?

  1. I don’t know enough to decide whether they’re a good idea or not. They must be filling a gap because the idea is growing. Probably mostly young people are taking up the challenge. I guess time will time.

  2. Having been “up close and personal” with pizza delivery economics, It’s a good deal for the business; not the deliverer. The deliverer risks car, license, and even life. They hope and pray they aren’t attacked or their insurance company doesn’t learn that accident happened while they were delivering pizzas. Lot of wishful thinking involved.

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