Book Review: The Novel & The Novelist by Tom Morrisey (Four Stars)

Book Review: The Novel & The Novelist: An Insider’s Guide to the Craft by Tom Morrisey

Four Stars out of Five

Not just a new book about writing but a new approach. Worth reading if only because it challenges some current folk wisdom. For example, Morrisey’s take on when you need and how you get an agent counters what “everyone” else tells us. His approach to writing similarly goes in new directions.

His situation was unique. Some of what he suggests may not be applicable to all—your mileage may vary—but you should consider this book if you are an unpublished writer of fiction. Even if you’re not, it’s an easy, enjoyable read.

Full disclosure: I attended Morrisey’s seminar on writing at the 2015 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference; he distributed copies of the book free. The seminar, of course, follows the outline of the book. I have no other personal or professional connection with Morrisey.

I attended his seminar because I’d previously read his Pirate Hunter, and it gave credence to his teachings.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Novel & The Novelist by Tom Morrisey (Four Stars)

  1. Does he advocate self-publishing or the new hybrid, partner publishing. Both dispense with agents. I’m curious.

  2. He has a agent. He just discourages obtaining one up front. instead, he recommends finished not one, but two salable manuscripts, and upon a publisher accepting one, then hire an agent (before signing with the publisher). It’s more complicated than that, but that’s the gist of it.

    Mostly he’s against self-publishing for reasons he explains.

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