Movie Review: Tomorrowland (Four Stars)

Movie Review: Tomorrowland Four Stars out of Five Disney needs to fire someone in their publicity department. They may know all about publicizing fantasy movies, but they know nothing about advertising science fiction movies. Like Disney’s 2012 flop John Carter, the publicity misses the whole point of the movie. They bollixed it up.

This movie is about hope. Do you get that from any of the ads or previews? No. It’s also not a family movie.  It’s for teens and adults, not small children for whom many sequences are way too intense. Very human “robots” are dismembered violently. It’s a time travel, utopia versus dystopia, pessimists against the optimists. George Clooney doesn’t pontificate; that’s Hugh Laurie’s gig.

The movie is especially poignant to me because I attended the New York World’s Fair (featured in the movie) in 1964, though I remember most seeing Michaelangelo’s Pieta there. I first rode “It’s a Small World”, which also shown, in Disneyland in 1957. (Wish I’d had the pin.)

It’s a good movie. Not great in any sense, but an original story and potentially a good time.

Not really four stars, but I’m giving them extra credit for my having gone in curious and come out pleased.


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  1. Glad you liked the movie. I’m eager to see it. My 9 year old grandson went with his mom and liked it, He told me his version of the plot. He apparently didn’t find it scary, or he would’ve told me.
    Your review made me even more curious to see it. Thanks.

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