Computers Hate Me

Once again my computer has deleted programs and documents. My defense systems were all in place, so it shouldn’t be an attack.

Yes, I’ll eventually drag it to the Geek Squad to resurrect, but I lose so much.

And, since I can’t find Control panel, I don’t even know where to look for the necessary controls.
Do they (the software gurus) realize how much users hate these new versions which hide everything necessary and familiar? I don’t hate computers; I hate them.
I built my first computer (with a Heathkit) in about 1982: a Z-18 with an 8-bit processor and 48 Kilobytes (KILObytes) of memory.
I have no clue how modern computers work. (Just like this program which refuses to insert carriage returns where instructed.) And neither do you, if you’re normal. It might as well be magic. But whether good or bad magic is less clear.

2 thoughts on “Computers Hate Me

  1. Why not try someone else if the geeks don’t give you enough help. I have a guy I’m super happy with.

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