How to Succeed at Failing

I’m in North Carolina attending the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.

This year’s keynote speeches have all been first class, but last night Torry Martin went beyond the usual instruction or encouragement to tell us how to deal with failure, using his recent experiences as illustrations.

Some of his concluding remarks follow:
You have to fight; you can’t not try. Go down swinging.
Failure is okay, but when failure wants to cuddle you’ve got to stop it.
It’s okay to be a failure; don’t be a quitter.
You have to fail to succeed.
To fail is human; getting back up is an act of courage.
Keep your eyes on God; let Him plan it.
How you handle failure is as important as how you handle success.
Do you want God’s plan or your plan?
Failure creates opportunities.

The pain of regret is greater than the pain of failure.
Getting humbled occasionally is good.
Failing is okay; quitting is not.

Later Edie Melson observed, “’Happily ever after’ doesn’t come without a price.”

You should have been there.


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