Ceres Ready for Close Up

ceres: NASA image from mashable.comCeres keeps getting more interesting.

The biggest (of ten) white spot on dwarf planet Ceres is in the middle of an impact crater … or is it an eruption site, like a volcano?

Ceres has no lava, instead a fifty mile deep ocean of water, which may contain more water than the entire Earth. (Think about the implications. Exploring the outer solar system just got a whole lot easier … relatively.)

The spots may just be ice showing through the thin, rocky crust from a recent meteor impact. Or they may be, the residue of a water eruption, which of course immediately froze (snow?) and settled over the adjacent are. Or … (care to guess?)

We have to wait for the Dawn space craft to emerge from Ceres’ shadow for more, better pictures. Is this cool, or what?