Not-So-Hidden Persuaders

Chipotle announced it’ll use only non-GMO foods.

Dubious health benefits aside, they can’t prove their food sources aren’t genetically modified; all they can do is claim “certification” by the food producers. Has no one heard of the wind? With each passing year, claims of non-GMO field crops will be less credible, as said fields are surrounded by fields of modified crops. And who cares?

“Such advertising depends on the eagerness of the customer to be fooled,” says the WSJ. “Chipotle’s health-food messaging isn’t about the food anyway; it’s about the customer and his sense of entitlement and moral vanity.”

An L.A. Times op-ed by two scientists stated, “More than two decades of research indicate that GMOs are not only safe for humans and the environment, but also contribute to global sustainability and poverty alleviation.”

I’m guilty. I eat at Chiptole despite–not because of their dubious health claims or the correct politics. It tastes good and is demonstrably better for you than the deep-fried stuff served elsewhere.