Nepal Update

Destruction in some rural areas is even worse than in Kathmandu, report Ron and Jeanette Happ, who were medical and educational missionaries in Kathmandu for many years.

It’s raining but people are sleeping outside because of the aftershocks. No food, water, electricity, fuel, etc.

The first responders, some of whom lost homes and loved ones, are doing the best they can with almost no resources. Rescue Network Nepal has already exhausted its resources. International help is going, but there will be huge bottlenecks.

(Samaritan’s Purse reports sending a medical team specializing in crush and earthquake trauma.)

Pray for the people of Nepal, and be sure the charity you give to is legitimate.


One thought on “Nepal Update

  1. Regarding legitimate charities – rates charities on variables such as amount of money going directly to the people in need as opposed to a big administrative staff. I’ve found them helpful. Doctors Without Borders, for example, has a very high rating. They had 4 teams ready to go into Nepal the day after the earthquake. Then the airport opened and help started coming in. Hospitals are at capacity, medical supplies low. Yes, send money through a legitimate charity and pray.

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