Book Review: God Less America by Todd Starnes (Three stars)

Book Review: God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the attack on Traditional Values by Todd Starnes

Three stars out of Five

What you’d expect of a professional journalist. Well-researched and written, in fact I think I heard some of these essays on Starnes’ nationally broadcast commentary. His style is easy to read; it communicates both his sincerity and dismay. But this is an odd book, mixing down-home reminisces with political satire, commentary and a call-to-arms, plus several chapters of fictional speculation. Might make better sense split into two or three different books.

Starnes expertly shares his concern over the downward drift of American cultural and the curtailment of traditional values and institutions, however there was so much that it seemed like so much piling on. The tenth or twentieth iteration of a particular concern does not make it any more real to the reader. Three or four instances sufficed to establish this is a trend, not isolated instances.

I don’t disagree with his interpretation, but his tone is defensive and defeatist. America’s short stint as a “hyperpower” may be behind us, but that’s not necessarily bad. We are becoming a mixed, pluralistic society. We need to deal with it.

America is down, but not out. We may pull the world’s fat out of the fire yet again.