Running on Empty

Why are Americans so fat? Not because of saturated fat nor refined carbohydrates in our diets. It’s existential. Our live are meaningless.

We try to fill the void with canned excitement. Inane “reality” shows which bear no resemblance to reality. Social networking which cut us off from meaningful relationships. Adulation of sports because at least there the outcome isn’t preordained (usually). Or politics, power, money, things. We obsess over anything and everything. And it all leaves us feeling empty.

So we turn to something that literally fills us.

Food. Hunger is optional, but we eat anyway. We ponder where and what to eat. We worry over taste and presentation. We taste the food. We swallow it. It fills our stomachs. It really happens.

Only it doesn’t satisfy the craving, because the craving has nothing to do with nutrition. So, we eat more. More often and more of it. In the process, we supersize ourselves.

And we’re still empty.

Maybe we’re looking in the wrong places.

What do you think?