Why Your Gasoline Costs More

The price of crude is rising because the idiots in the Middle East—that would be, just about everyone—are getting ready to have a war. Internationally traded commodity prices rise on threats of war; threats of peace don’t effect anything.

The speculators use the possible disruption of crude internationally to ratchet up the price of crude.

Even though America is afloat in out-of-the-ground crude (and our supply isn’t threatened), our oil moguls point to the international price of crude (and arcane cyclic factors) to jack the price of domestic gasoline. Makes cents for them.

It’s a lot like those kiddie fantasy movies, where hand waving and magic words make things happen with no logical cause and effect relationship. In this case, supply-and-demand are superseded by war talk. (And if there’s a war, that will trigger another round of price increases.)

And people say they don’t believe fantasy.