Book Review: Clash of Eagles by Smale (3.5 stars)

Looking forward to this one’s release.

Misty Midwest Mossiness

Clash of Eagles

by Alan Smale

3.5 to 4 stars

Good but not great.

As other reviewer(s) have noted, this ends up being a one-man show almost exclusively – Marcellinus, the Praetor of the XXXIII Legion, marching west across the Appallacians towards the mighty Mississippi years before Horace Greeley penned the phrase “Go West, young man.”  The Romans, and their Norse scouts, encounter various Native Americans with startlingly advanced technology for a stone-age culture lacking even the wheel*.

Marcellinus is the only truly fleshed out character.  All others – Romans, Norsemen, Native Americans – are barely cardboard cutouts in comparison.  Some of the Cahokians, in the latter half of the book, get more interesting, but not by much.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Clash of Eagles by Smale (3.5 stars)

  1. Ugh, the old cardboard cutouts routine. Reminds me of wonderful sci-fi stories in the 50s and 60s, good plot and hero and everyone else usually un-fleshed. With especially weak female characters.

  2. A female faints in a 1886 novel I’m reading, and it threw me completely out of the story. But that sort of trope was common in those days. (Yes, male author.)

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