Movie Review: Disney’s Cinderella (Five Stars)

Theatrical release poster by Annie Leibovitz

Movie Review: Disney’s Cinderella

Five Stars out of Five

An unmitigated success.

I admit skepticism, but Disney (and Kenneth Branagh) delivered. I tried to find some quibble to justify a lower rating, but it just wasn’t there. Oh, yes, there are quibbles; none reducing the impact of the movie. Slightly heavy on the computer graphics. Slightly low on the necklines.

While faithful to the script of Disney’s 1950 animated classic, this was a thoroughly re-imagined piece. Same cast, different motives and actions. No talking animals; at least not while they were animals. Casting Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter contrary to their usual roles was pure genius. Except for the step-sisters (who were a hoot) the younger leads mostly sighed and looked cute; Blanchett made the movie work

The Frozen Fever short delivered.

Fun and touching for the entire family.