Book Review: Horologicon by Mark Forsyth (Three Stars)

Book Review: Horologicon by Mark Forsyth

Three Stars out of Five

Drawn largely from the author’s The Inky Fool blog, Horologicon explores the varied terminology English speakers have used the last several hundred years to describe the events and things around them. The book’s title refers to the ancient practice of carrying a “book of the hours” with prayers and readings appropriate for reflect throughout the day.

Revealing some of the unique and humorous terms would spoiled the fun, besides most of us wouldn’t know how to pronounce many of the words. “Yule hole” was my favorite. That’s the last notch in one’s belt, used (hopefully) only after Christmas.

Former colonials from this side of the pond may occasionally puzzle over Forsyth’s English. As Oscar Wilde (or G. B. Shaw) observed, we’re two nations divided by a common language.

Still, a fun read.