Where Entitlements Come From

In hearings before the Supreme Court, “Justice Anthony Kennedy voic[ed] concerns about potential constitutional consequences of a ruling that strikes down the availability of nationwide insurance subsidies.”

Notice what has happened.

Pelosi said we’d have to pass the bloated Affordable Care Act to see what it said. Its benefits were enacted before anyone paid for said benefits. Now, we’re being told repeal is “taking away” benefits, as if they were a two-hundred-year-old constitutional entitlement. No one seems concerned whether ACA was good policy or even constitutional, only whether it could be forced down the throat of taxpayers.

Taxpayers? Sure. Who do you think will pay for all this? Not Pelosi, she gets free medical care (also paid by the taxpayers). Not Obama, ditto. Not the Supreme Court justices, pundits or Hollywood liberals. Not even the Republicans and insurance companies. In the long run, you and I will pay for it. Or our grandchildren.

Does America need better health care?

Probably. But this was not the way to achieve it. This was an exercise (probably successful) in buying votes.


4 thoughts on “Where Entitlements Come From

  1. Such a complex issue. ACA is probably bloated, yet uninsured people cost much more with frequent ER visits because they don’t have a doctor. Thank goodness minimum wages are being raised. Think about trying to live on a fast-food worker’s pay.

  2. We need to be honest enough with ourselves to admit that we are making fundamental changes in people’s relationship to each other and the government, rather than just rush to pass a law and sign people up.
    We still don’t know all the ramifications of ACA.

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