Book Review: Faith by John Love (Three Stars)

Book Review: Faith by John Love

Three Stars out of Five

A science fiction tale melding hard science (mostly correct), with first (well, second) contact of a really weird kind, with a prolonged (almost book-long) space battle. Our protagonists are a bunch of loveable (well, not really) misfits who distrust even each other led by an ego-maniac (nothing new there) commander, who better come up with a plan that’s better than his ship, his crew and himself or civilization will be toast. The politics are yawners.

Some good action and introspection, but the egg-in-an-egg, worm Ouroboros ending kind of dulls the edge. If you can force yourself, don’t read the last chapter. It’s all philosophic and deep, but not so much fun and posits a rigidly deterministic universe with no free will.