Book Review: Surprised by the Power of the Spirit by Jack Deere (Four Stars)

Book Review: Surprised by the Power of the Spirit: Discovering How God Speaks and Heals Today by Jack Deere

Four Stars out of Five

A better-than-average critique of the cessation doctrine. Having taught at a seminary which held this view, Deere does a better job explaining it as well as his reasoning and scriptural support against it than might someone raised in the direct theology. I’m no theologian, so I can’t say how a believer in cessationism would respond.

The reader will have no doubt that Deere used to teach college. The text is structured, repetitive and detailed just as a college lecture might be. This is not light reading, but may help one truly searching for an explanation.

Observation: Having recently read C. S. Lewis Vs the New Atheists by Peter S. Williams, a critique of the new atheist thinking, I was struck by the parallel between the thinking of modern atheists and the cessationists. Both make an a priori commitment to a standard of proof which is itself not examined. Both rest their argument on the premise that what they have not experienced isn’t true. Similarly I detect a lot of talking past, not to, one another in both discussions.