Reporting Higher Temperatures Explained … Sort Of

While minus four degrees was recorded at our local Hanover County (Virginia) Industrial Airport early February 20th, the “official” low for Richmond, Virginia was four degrees above zero, as recorded at Richmond International Airport.

The local NPR radio voices patiently explained the discrepancy between all the surrounding reports and the airport numbers was due to the industrial build up around RIC unnaturally raised the temperatures recorded on National Weather Service instruments there.

(Pause for contemplation.)

These same voices failed to note the irony that their explanation of why the RIC “official” temperature was not representative of the real temperatures also applies to reported rising global temperatures.

I’m not a denier of Global Warming (though I do quibble over what it means and what we should do about it), but it was ironic to hear this explanation applied to a one-time low but not to recurring higher temperatures.