Book Review: The Book Of Kells by R. A. MacAvoy (Three Stars)

Book Review: The Book Of Kells by R. A. MacAvoy

Three Stars out of Five.

A well-told tale with a unique twist. While some might call it a fantasy and others a science fiction tale, it’s neither and both. Intentional, predictable time travel figures prominently in propelling the plot forward, but it’s invoked by neither science nor magic. The means of the time hopping (and the fact that the jump is consistently one thousand years) drives the intrigue. (No, I’m not telling.) Yes, the historic Book of Kells figures in the plot.

Well done. The characters and settings are well developed and, if not believable, at least consistent to the point that the reader is willing to go along with the fun.

Warning: Has unexpected soporific power. Three times while reading it, I fell asleep. Several more I almost nodded off. It’s not a boring story: honest. But it had that effect on me.