Unity, Islamic Style

“Someone” in Syria fired rockets into Israel’s Golan Heights this morning. Why do you suppose they did that? Trying to trigger an Israeli response, so all true-blue Moslems will remember who the “real” enemy is?

Treva and I stood on the Golan Heights last year. Had this barrage happened, we’d have been nowhere near it and would have missed a really enjoyable and moving part of our visit to Israel. From the Golan Heights, we could see our hotel in Tiberius across the Sea of Galilee … and Capernaum and the Mount of the Beatitudes. Israel is really small and narrow.

Much of northern Israel is within rocket range of the Golan Heights. That’s why Israel is so sensitive about threats there. The 1973 Yom Kippur War started with a Syrian sneak attack there (and a simultaneous Egyptian thrust into Sinai) during Hebrew and Islamic holy days.

This passes for drumming up unity in that part of the world. You know, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.”