Computing for Dummies

Coming to the conclusion that is not a user-friendly email service. (Just abadoned Juno after twenty years.)

Sorry we can’t change and wouldn’t expect any of the others to be any better. Address Groups and Attachments are among the mysteries which I haven’t solved yet. Paradoxically, I thought I’d figured how to make an address group, but it seems that I cannot repeat the feat.

Someone, someday will make a heap of money by developing an internet service and an email service which normal people can use. All the current ones seem designed by Great Experts for Great Experts.

Yes, I know, Apple products are supposed to be designed so any dumb bunny can use them, but I must be an exceptionally dumb rabbit. I have no better luck with my new, but used iPad 3 than Windows or Android-based devices.


2 thoughts on “Computing for Dummies

  1. The solution is simple You need to befriend some techies, have them to dinner and beg for their help Macs are different from PC’s – if you’re changed, then you’re braver than I would ever be.

    I had no trouble changing from one computer to the next one – both PC’s. All my addresses went over. Changing from Juno to Comcast sounds like a nightmare.

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