Terrorist Goals

So terrorist groups are now competing to commit the worst atrocities (to recruit and attract donors)?

Their overall goal, of course, is to silence opposition. “Freedom of speech is one of the weight-bearing pillars of democracy, and if we become reluctant to express our opinions in fear of angering Islamists, democracy will stagger. We simply cannot allow fundamentalists to threaten us to silence,” writes Naser Khader, founder of the Democratic Muslims.

Je suis Charlie. Cartoonists and writers are on the front lines of the culture wars. Police and firefighters are on the front lines.  People at worship, shopping in marketing, commuting to work, and going to school are on the front lines.

You are on the front lines of this war. Think and act accordingly.

“O brave new world, That has such people in’t.” Wm. Shakespeare, The Tempest


One thought on “Terrorist Goals

  1. Wonderful to see over a million people at the march in Paris. We’re in a new kind of war – unpredictable and ruthless and everywhere. Our children and grandchildren have inherited a new kind of world.(Their parents and grandparents, too.) As you said, we’re all on the front lines. Thanks for the post.

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