Sneak Peak: Rhune by Michael J. Sullivan

Sneak Peak: Rhune by Michael J. Sullivan

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I just finished reading the beta version of this new novel by Sullivan. I can’t tell you anything about the story, of course, but I do suggest you add it to your “I want to read this” list.

Fans of the Riyria books, rejoice! If this book is any indication, the First Empire series will be a welcome addition to the Riyria series.

If anything Sullivan’s writing is better, and the book has more depth and subtly than his previous publications. This is so good; fans of epic high fantasy won’t want to miss it.


2 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: Rhune by Michael J. Sullivan

  1. Thanks. Don’t read epic fantasy any more. But you make this one sound worth the time. Maybe I will.

  2. Extraordinarily well-conceived and developed female characters. If I tell more it’ll be a spoiler.
    (This is book one of five. Unlike others, Sullivan develops the entire saga before publishing the first. So, you know the rest are coming, and that they’ll make sense … which is not always true of modern series.)

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